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UI Design

UI Design (User Interface Design) is the process of creating detailed graphic interfaces for each page or screen of your website or mobile application respectively. The entire design process focuses on maximising usability and the User Experience (UX). Our design process balances technical functionality and visual elements to create a system that is both usable and adaptable to user’s needs. We do not believe in mere ornamentation and all our designs are SEO friendly and in line with the business goals of our clients.

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Our UI Process:

This process involves thoroughly understanding the User Experience design (UX), the goals of the business and the brand ethos. Competitor analysis helps in understanding the market, key functionalities and gaps that can be filled. An understanding of the target market also influences the design process. Eg., a website targeting rural areas in India, would be made keeping in mind the sensibilities of the people, will be designed without using complicated animations or parallax effects, so that webpages load quickly in a slow internet zone and the website content might be translated to a regional language for easy comprehension.

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This involves deciding the tone of voice of the Interface, keeping the brand ethos in mind, deciding the colours, visuals and iconography to be used, deciding heading and body fonts and designing UI elements like call to action buttons, tabs, navigation, etc. This design system becomes a foundation for building the website, and can be used as a reference for any additions or changes that may happen in the future.

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After the design system is in place, we begin work on designing the interface, focusing on mapping it to the finalized UX and keeping SEO requirements in mind. The usability is supported by Graphic design and typography elements and this influences how a user interacts with the interface. It also helps improve the aesthetic appeal of the design and aids in better technical functionality.

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This step is added to the UI design process while designing a website. The objective is to ensure that when a user opens up a site, they see the information in a format that is easy to read and relevant. Responsive sites are created, so that users can have a seamless experience on all devices – Desktop, Mobile, Tablet, etc.While doing front-end development we make sure that all aspects of SEO are taken care of.

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75% users base your entire company’s credibility based on your website or mobile application design

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A Goal-centred approach, that is followed at all points of the UI design process.

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Highly collaborative and iterative process. We believe in working as a team, with you.


Heavy reliance on analytics and heat map data to make informed decisions.

Design Thinking Approach

We believe in bridging the gap between business and design, by combining creativity, analytics and business goals.

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