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User Experience Design

Our UX journey begins with understanding the goal of our client’s business, and every process is executed keeping this goal at the centre. We apply research from the fields of design, behavioural economics and digital marketing to create an evidence-led design process. We translate the insights into user journeys, wireframes and low-fidelity prototypes, that set the base for highly engaging and user centric solutions that concentrate on conversions and sales. The entire process is very collaborative as we believe in working very closely with our clients, as a team.

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Our UX Process:

This includes understanding the client’s business, and the goal(s) of the product or service being developed by the client, through close interactions with shareholders. This also helps us identify the target user. This is the first major step in understanding what is the ‘Conversion’ that the company is looking to achieve. The next step is a thorough analysis of the competition. This helps us understand the traffic coming on their site, their key features, functionalities and interactions. This exercise is vital because it also helps us learn from their mistakes and in identifying the gaps that can be filled, providing a deeper understanding of the market.

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These are character sketches representing a User type – a fictional character that represents a set of people with similar goals and behaviour. These include demographic data as well emotional preferences of the users. Multiple User Personas are created. The key personas are then identified, and journeys are created. Features created in the UI can be prioritized based on how they meet the Persona’s needs. User Journeys can be customized based on user personas. It helps to humanize an otherwise generic data represented by demographics. Emotion of the user is key here, as it helps have a deeper empathy for their needs.

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This step involves mapping out detailed user journeys based on either key User Personas, or key Functions the site will serve. Detailed series of steps a user needs to take, in order to accomplish a goal. It helps demonstrate the way user interacts with each feature of the site and helps us discover ways to simplify processes for him (lesser number of clicks, help wherever needed). User journey scenarios would include – Ideal journey, Error messaging, possible, deviations, etc. This is a documentation of key opportunities to satisfy user’s needs and helps in forming Information Architecture of the site.

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Information architecture is a structural flow of the site. The goal is to help users find what they are looking for, and complete key tasks. Eg. This will help us know the placement of key features (Filters for Listing page), Calls to action buttons. A Sitemap helps in creating detailed wireframes of every page, pop-up, additional features. It helps label content in a search-friendly, sustainable manner. It is a guide for the Designer as well as other Stakeholders involved.

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This is the culmination of all other steps. Detailed wireframes are created for each page or screen of a website or mobile application. These help define the information hierarchy, which in turn will help create the Visual Design. These include, sketches as well as final digital wireframes. The wireframes are created keeping SEO and Conversion at the forefront.

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Every product should start with User Experience.

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A Goal-centred approach, that is followed at all points of the UX design process.

Highly Collaborative

Highly collaborative and iterative process. We believe in working as a team, with you.


Heavy reliance on analytics and heat map data to make informed decisions.

Design Thinking Approach

We believe in bridging the gap between business and design, by combining creativity, analytics and business goals.

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